Ultradent Cares

Our mission at Ultradent is to Improve Oral Health Globally, and we know fulfilling that mission requires more than just providing state-of-the-art dental products. We firmly believe in environmental stewardship and have implemented a comprehensive set of initiatives to guide our actions and decisions as a company. We also continuously strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us by participating in humanitarian efforts locally, nationally, and internationally.

Do you have a dental humanitarian mission planned? Ultradent would like to help! Let us know about your plans at the link below and we may be able to provide Ultradent products to assist you.

Improving Our Impact

environmental impact

Ultradent is committed to environmental concerns, and we have adopted a robust policy to ensure we operate responsibly and sustainably. Recycling efforts have been in place at Ultradent for decades, and those efforts continue to scale alongside the company’s growth—roughly 200 tons of cardboard are recycled annually. Manufacturing processes have been converted to Agile PLM, which drastically reduces the amount of paper usage in the process of physically creating products.

We have also prioritized water conservation in our landscaping and product processes. At our campus in South Jordan, Utah, we are replacing non-native grasses with xeriscaping to reduce pollution and water intake.

To learn more about our environmental initiatives, click below to view our Social Responsibility and Sustainability report.


Giving Back

giving back

Humanitarian work is close to our heart and has been a big part of Ultradent since our very beginning. We are proud to donate our products, time, and money to humanitarian projects all around to the world. For example, Ultradent’s Asia-Pacific/ Sub-Saharan African team has volunteered to help refurbish a rugby field near Cape Town, South Africa and donated football supplies to the Nyawaseka Football League in Kenya. In the last decade, Ultradent has provided nearly $2,000,000 to charitable causes, with $235,000 of that coming directly from employee donations, which the company proudly matches.

Ultradent is Proud to Support: