UltraTemp™ REZ II

Temporary Resin Cement

UltraTemp™ REZ II temporary cement is a hydrophilic, resin-based chemistry that helps ensure low irritation and a quality seal. It was developed for longer retention needs (2–4 weeks) and comes in a dual-barrel syringe with mixing tips for easy delivery. Available in Fast Set (1–2 minutes) or Regular Set (2–3 minutes).

  • Made for cases that require longer retention (2–4 weeks)
  • Non-eugenol formula won’t interfere with resin bonding
  • Convenient dual-barrel syringe delivery and mixing tip
  • Optimal sealing capabilities once cured
  • Withstands normal biting and chewing forces
  • Easy removal at the right time
  • Gluten free
  • Must be refrigerated

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Your Next Temporary Dental Cement

UltraTemp REZ II temporary dental cement is your solution for cementing temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and small temporary fillings. Our solution features a non-eugenol formula that will not interfere with resin bonding. With its innovative mixing-tip delivery system, UltraTemp REZ II temporary cement provides a highly convenient, time-saving application method that delivers an even cement mix for reliable strength.

Once set, UltraTemp REZ II temporary dental cement provides optimal sealing capabilities. In addition to withstanding normal biting and chewing forces, it is radiopaque, fluoresces under a black light, and is easily removed. Available in Fast Set (1–2 minutes) and Regular Set (2–3 minutes).

UltraTemp Rez 2 fast set
Two lines

Available in Fast Set (1–2 minutes) and Regular Set (2–3 minutes)

Convenient mixing-tip delivery

Designed for easy cleanup

UltraTemp Rez 2 regular set
UltraTemp Rez 2 radiopacity

Radiopacity is helpful when removing excess cement upon seating the provisional restoration

UltraTemp Rez 2 fluorescence

Fluorescence is helpful to make sure all residual dental cement is removed before final cementation

If you need shorter retention, a polycarboxylate base, or a temporary cement for a walking bleach case, try UltraTemp™ temporary cement.

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