Jiffy™ Universal

Ceramic Adjusters and Polishers

Ultradent’s Jiffy Universal System is a finishing system for all ceramics, including high-strength ceramics. All of the adjusters and polishers in the Jiffy Universal System work interchangeably on porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconia. The Universal Extraoral Adjusting and Polishing Kit and the Jiffy Universal Intraoral Adjusting and Polishing Kit contain an optimal number of components so you can efficiently adjust and polish any ceramic material to achieve a truly smooth surface with a natural-looking finish.

  • Universal application eliminates the need for multipleadjusters and polishers, saving time and money
  • Specially formulated Ultradent diamond grit provides optimal smoothness and outstanding polishing results
  • Multi-grit diamond particles allow for effective adjustment of ceramics for a truly smooth, high-gloss finish
  • Maximum diamond retention ensures a long service life
  • Autoclavable aluminum block extends the life of the system

For general tips and guidelines on how to use the Jiffy Universal System, please see the Technique Guide.