VALO™ Curing Light Lenses

For VALO™ Cordless and VALO™ Corded LED curing lights, magnetic lenses are particularly helpful, facilitating specific curing procedures and extending the light's uses. All lenses are secured to the VALO™ light head by a strong magnet inside the lens housing and are compatible with both VALO™ Corded and VALO™ Cordless curing lights. Lenses are reusable and should be disinfected using an intermediate-level disinfectant after each use.

Accessory lenses for VALO™ Corded and VALO™ Cordless lights include:

Curing Lenses:

  • PointCure™ lens: creates a 2.5 mm diameter curing area to aid in position and tack curing
  • ProxiCure™ Ball lens: holds matrix against contact while curing composite for Class II restorations

Diagnostic Lenses:

  • Interproximal lens: provides a focused 1 mm white light to help view interproximal caries
  • TransLume™ lens: aids in detection of cracks and defects in a tooth or prostheses
  • Black Light lens: fluoresces chemicals in various dental materials