VALO™ Grand Curing Light Lenses

VALO™ Grand Lenses are compatible with VALO™ Grand dental curing lights only. These accessories snap on quickly and easily, adapting your curing light to provide you with additional specialized functions. Lenses are reusable and should be disinfected using an intermediate-level disinfectant after each use.

Curing Lenses:

  • PointCure™ lens: creates a 2.5 mm diameter curing area to aid in position and tack curing
  • ProxiCure™ Ball lens: holds matrix against contact while curing composite for Class II restorations

Diagnostic Lenses:

  • Interproximal lens: provides a focused 1 mm white light to help view interproximal caries
  • TransLume™ lens: aids in detection of cracks and defects in a tooth or prostheses
  • Black Light lens: fluoresces chemicals in various dental materials
  • White Light lens: provides a pure natural light for accurate shade matching