Gemini EVO™ / Gemini™ Diode Laser Accessories

Gemini EVO™ and Gemini™ diode laser accessories include everything you need to use your dental laser. Gemini safety glasses, single-use 5 mm pre-initiated tips, and single-use 7 mm uninitiated tips can be used with either the Gemini EVO laser or Gemini laser. Laser handpiece shells and power supplies are unique to each laser and cannot be interchanged.

Available Accessories:

  • 5 mm pre-initiated tip
  • 7 mm uninitiated tip
  • Safety glasses
  • Gemini EVO laser handpiece shell
  • Gemini laser handpiece shell
  • Gemini EVO power supply
  • Gemini power supply
  • USB-rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (for Gemini EVO foot pedal)

Note: If you would like to order a foot pedal for Gemini EVO or Gemini diode lasers, please contact Equipment Repair at 801.553.4574.