Gemini EVO™ Laser

810 + 980 Diode Laser

The Gemini EVO laser combines the benefits of higher 100-watt peak power with the versatility of dual wavelength design. The 100 watts of peak, super-pulsed power provide faster cutting, less heat, and ultra-clean incisions in soft tissue. The two wavelengths (810 nm + 980 nm) can be used individually or together, providing you with three wavelength modes. The Gemini EVO laser has 16 preset procedures divided into three categories for efficient, intuitive use. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to update software or obtain technical support, as well as allows the laser to sync with the Dashboard to provide you with valuable data about your machine and procedures. Three photobiomodulation (PBM) adapters are included so you can take full advantage of your new dental laser.

  • The 100 watts of peak, super-pulsed power provide faster cutting, less heat, and ultra-clean incisions in soft tissue1
  • Dual wavelengths (810 nm + 980 nm)
  • Wi-Fi enabled for easy software updates and technical support
  • Dashboard provides usage statistics, procedure data, and more
  • Streamlined display and user interface
  • Three PBM adapters included: 3 mm, 7 mm, and 25 mm
  • Autoclavable handpiece makes sterilization simple
  • Single-use bendable tips are pre-initiated for reduced prep time
  • Compatible with the same tips as the original Gemini laser
  • Adjustable tip illumination provides better visibility at surgical site

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Note: If you would like to order the PBM adapters or Gemini EVO foot pedal, please contact Equipment Repair at 801.553.4574.

Gemini EVO Diode Laser

The Next Evolution of Laser Dentistry

100 Watts of Peak Super-Pulsed Power

The stunning, dual-wavelength Gemini EVO diode laser delivers 100 watts of peak power so you can make fast, ultra-clean incisions.1 Its super-pulsed power allows for a longer thermal relaxation period, which lets soft tissue cool better, reducing unwanted thermal damage while improving cutting speed and precision.1

100 watts

The two wavelengths (810 and 980) of the Gemini EVO laser are available in three modes to provide you with the versatility you need. Select 810 nm for optimal coagulation, 980nm for optimal ablation, or dual wavelength mode for the optimal combination. This innovative 3-in-1 design is unique and available only from the Gemini line of dental lasers.

Dual wavelengths

Easy-to-Use Laser Technology

Laser dentistry has never been easier than with the Gemini EVO laser. It is ready to use right away with 16 pre-programmed procedure settings. The guided touch interface with voice confirmation helps you make the proper selection with ease.

Gemini EVO Pedal

Tip illumination is now even brighter to improve visibility at the surgical site, and its variable intensity allows you to adjust illumination as needed. Built-in haptic technology can be enabled on the foot pedal to provide the operator with a tactile indicator that the laser is firing. Haptic touch is also available on the handpiece during preset photobiomodulation procedures to add physical sensation for the patient during treatment.

Gemini EVO Laser

The Gemini EVO diode laser is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can update your software or get troubleshooting support without any hassle. Plus, with the Gemini EVO Dashboard, you can view the number of procedures you perform, track ROI, ensure your software is up to date, download procedure reports, monitor full usage statistics, and more!

Mobile app

Photobiomodulation Therapy Made Simple

Now you can perform photobiomodulation therapy treatments (PBMT) with the Gemini EVO laser’s added category of PBM procedures. The laser makes PBMTs simple and easy by presetting the proper energy density for each PBM adapter. There is even an easy-to-use PBM treatment calculator on the mobile dashboard to help you determine the proper treatment time. All you need to do is select the appropriate tip for the treatment area, select the treatment time, and the Gemini EVO laser will do the rest.

Every Gemini EVO laser includes three PBM adapters, so you can set yourself apart and get the most out of your laser by expanding into PBM procedures right away.

  • 3 mm PBM—Highly targeted for small treatment areas such as around the lips
  • 7 mm PBM—Ideal for localized spot treatment such as for aphthous and herpetic ulcers
  • 25 mm PBM—Designed for efficient treatment of large spots such as the area around the TMJ

Technical Details

Gemini EVO Laser System Specifications

Gemini EVO Tech Specs
1. R Borchers. Comparison of diode lasers in soft tissue surgery using CW and superpulsed mode, an in vivo study. Int J Laser Dent. 2011; 1(1):17–27.