Jiffy™ One

Single-Use Polishers

Jiffy One single-use polishers are disposable dental polishers designed to effectively and quickly polish any composite material. With Jiffy One polishers there is no need for re-processing or sterilization, as they can be safely and conveniently discarded after use. Specially formulated with Ultradent’s advanced diamond grit, Jiffy One polishers can deliever a smooth, high-quality polish in only one or two steps. Available in cups, points, and disks and in medium or fine grit, the Jiffy One system is simple and convenient. By using the Jiffy One polishers, you’ll be able to efficiently achieve a high-quality, esthetic finish on your composite restorations with all of the convenience of a single-use, disposable polisher.

  • Single-use, disposable dental composite polishers
  • Excellent for contouring, finishing, and polishing composites such as Mosaic™ universal composite, Amelogen™ Plus composite, and Vit-l-escence™ esthetic restorative material
  • Formulated with Ultradent’s advanced diamond grit for optimal smoothness and sheen
  • Available in cups, points, and disks in medium and fine grit

Quality and Convenience in One Disposable Composite Polisher

Medium- and Fine-Grit Polishers

All Jiffy One cups, disks, and points are available in both medium and fine grit, so you can perfectly polish any composite restoration with ease. Whether you are new to Jiffy finishing and polishing systems or are enhancing your multi-use composite Jiffy kits, bring the quality of the Jiffy system and the convenience of single-use dental polishers your practice today with Jiffy One single-use polishers.

Deliver a Great Polish

Jiffy One single-use polishers are designed to deliver the great polish you and your patients want on any composite restoration. Our specially formulated diamond grit is able to achieve a great sheen in just one step using our medium-grit polisher. If you need extra luster, follow up with a fine-grit polisher for a simple, fast, and easy two-step process. Gentle and effective on any composite material, you’ll get a smooth, outstanding polish every time.

Convenient, Disposable Single-Use Polishers

Jiffy One single-use composite polishers are the simple solution you have been waiting for. With Jiffy One polishers there is no need to re-process your composite polishers after each procedure, no chance of cross-contamination when used properly, and no possibility of accidentally discarding expensive multi-use polishers. Simply grab a Jiffy One polisher, polish until you achieve the desired sheen, and then throw it away.

Jiffy One single-use polishers—your one-step composite polishing solution.

Perfect Any Restoration with the Complete Jiffy System

Jiffy Original Composite Finishing and Polishing System

  • Excellent for contouring, finishing, and polishing composites
  • Perfect to use on Mosaic, Amelogen Plus, or Vit-l-escence composites
  • Durable, dependable, and efficient
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Jiffy Universal Ceramic Adjusting and Polishing System

  • Universal application on ceramic materials
  • Eliminates need for multiple adjusters and polishers
  • Achieves a smooth, high-gloss finish on any ceramic material
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